Climb the mountain – succeeding when you didn’t know you could


I am a business owner and have a few ventures on the go. As a fitness coach I notice that people have so many excuses to start, no time, no money, no accountability, no support… and shortly after they do start they start giving up…

This is what I’ve found gets you closer to your goals.

On my most recent adventure I found myself in Fogo, Newfoundland. Rumored to be the ‘end of the earth’. I spent 1 full day touring this island. The best part of that day on Fogo and a huge highlight for the overall adventure was simply climbing a mountain.

Starting is easy  

We pulled up to a lookout point, walked up the stairs and saw a huge hill with steps. My initial reaction was ‘nope I am not climbing that’.

Then, there I was slowly walking towards the bottom of the mountain… Just taking in the scenery…

Climbing the steps one at a time…

There’s a point where you just want to stop

Half way up… I was done. Exhausted. I stopped, looked around the view from there was breathtaking and I said to myself this is good enough. I have come far enough, I have done more than I wanted. This is good enough.

Pushing through is a little bit about imagining the top. I couldn’t shake the feeling: what will I miss if I don’t make it to the top? It’s about believing you have reached that goal. Imagining yourself accomplishing everything, what would that feel like? What does it look like for you?

But don’t get too fixated on the end goal.

If I made it this far, why not go all the way?  This is really the only chance I have to do it, so why stop now?

Just take one more step.

My legs were jello, the air was thick, and I was out of breath. But I pushed on, and I made it to the top. And the view was even more amazing. But the best part, was the feeling of accomplishment. I did it. Looking down and seeing the bottom where I started…

Yes it was scary. Yes it was hard. Yes I wanted to give up. Yes when I climbed  back down I felt regret. I was sore. But looking back every minute of it was worth it.

Before you know it, you’ve reached a level you didn’t know you’d reach from the bottom

So what do you need to do to climb your mountain?

Find the stairs… One step a time…