7 Reasons Why You Need a Ski Village Getaway

The mountains offer so much more than just peeks and snow related activities. Did you know they are open all year round!?

Skiing is cool but check out these awesome ski village getaway ideas.

ukxak0c2fqm-alisa-anton1. Nothing more romantic and cozy the snuggling with your SO under blankets in front of the fire place in your awesome little cabin – or your Airbnb.


2. Kick it old school and leave your technology at home, travel to the slopes and have a tech free weekend with your buddies playing board games, hitting the runs or the trails, mixing drinks, and just living life.


3. The mountains and ski villages have some of the best scenery so why not get away and relax with a spa day. Your ski village is almost gaurnteed to have a spa and massage thearpiest as skiing is hard on the body. Bonus if you go in off season you’ll probably pay less for the same treatments.


4. Yoga retreats. One of the most popular benefits of yoga is the opportunity to take a break from the everyday busy-ness and take some time to just be. Yoga retreats in the mountains offer more than just classes, it’s relaxation, meditation, periods of silence, and walks through beautiful scenery. Stretch, breathe and rejuvenate your mind and body all while taking in the awesome views.


5. Shopping. Cute little boutiques, shops, one of a kind stores, and of course the best winter wear you can get is all

nestled in the cozy corners of mountain villages.


6. Sports make everyone hungry so you can bet there are some pretty great eats at the bottom of the slopes. Enjoy the apres ski lifestyle regardless if you spent the day skiing or not. Cafes, cold beers, burger joints, and fine dinning options, if your a foodie its worth the trip. Pro Tip: Ski-resort restaurants roll out the red carpets for residents in the spring and fall this is when you’ll see some great deals on dining.


7. Festivals! Most ski villages try to take advantage of the off season by offering some great festivals. Film, book, art, holiday and music festivals. Do your research! Some sell out pretty quick!