what is winter?

For us, ‘winter’ is a state of mind. As a verb, noun and adjective, we use the word winter as our trigger for purposeful living.

Regardless of race, creed, age, gender, wealth, nationality, or occupation, we know that everyone experiences competing forces that contend for their finite mental energy. We call those forces ‘chaos’.

Everyone’s chaos is different, everyone’s chaos is personal, and everyone’s chaos is valid. Whether you are a professional athlete, a high-powered executive, a single mother or struggling student, everyone can benefit from living more purposefully.

In the military they call it ‘switched on’, in sports it’s being in the ‘zone’, buddhist monks call it inner peace. We don’t own the concept of positively living, we just want more people to live purposefully. For us, it’s a feeling close to that of serenity. We strive for those moments of serenity in chaos.

If you’ve every played a sport and have been in the zone, when each of your actions was perfect, you know how fleeting those moments are. Often you don’t realize you were in the zone until after the fact. It’s a combination instinct and the luck of reacting perfectly to whatever is thrown your way. You’ll hear athletes attribute it to their training. When instincts took over. Mentality and fortitude are the same. Mindfulness and positivity can be trained. We can train ourselves to live more purposefully.

Winter, for us is the symbol of chaos and we embrace it. We created Always Winter to help you ‘Conquer your chaos’.