For those times when camping sucks


Okay there’s nothing better than revving up for an epic camping adventure. Setting yourself up to head out into the wild, sleep under the stars, cook on open flame, and to live like you’re homeless – even though you spent a small fortune.

Lets face it sometimes camping can really suck… Like when:

  1. You get to the campsite on a Friday night after a long drive… it’s pitch black but the sky is filled with stars… You go to pitch your tent only to realize no one brought a flashlight PRO TIP: Tape a key-chain LED flashlight to your tent bag
  2. The ground is so hard no matter where you try to pitch your tent you end up breaking or bending every stake you have… Eventually you give up and decide the tent can just blow away. PRO TIP: Use heavy rocks or pack some sandbags to hold the tent in place
  3. You buy the most expensive gear to stay warm and dry, only to wake up wet and cold… Who tests this stuff anyway? PRO TIP: Do your research, you don’t always need the most expensive gear, sometimes it’s as simple as a brightly colored rain poncho
  4. You plan your meals, one being pre-packaged pasta, but forget all of the other ingredients to make the pasta… like the butter and milk. Pro Tip: Stick to the dehydrated food. Beef jerky for the win!
  5. Outhouses. Once I opened the outhouse door to watch the toilet just fall over… Right onto its side. Which brings me to the next point…
  6. No outhouses. I am by no means a glamper, and sure I love adventure, however camping with no bathroom of any kind… still sucks.   PRO TIP: Men, water bottles. Ladies: You can stand up now too with one of these
  7. It was a late night… You forget to put your food out of reach from bears and small animals so you wake up to find all of your food gone… PRO TIP: Keep a copy of Edible Wild Plants in your pack